SJ Club Theology

SJ Club Theology (2017 version)

SJ Club Steering group (2011)

Thinking about theology
What is each part of ‘All together now’ for? What are we trying to achieve through them? We have tried to think of these in terms that adults can understand (e.g. Relating to an adult service structure—‘Adult’), then to each of the parts of SJ Club (SJ Club item) and then to describe what might actually happen (Aim/Action)
Small groups = welcome each by name—make a fuss of them and getting ready for worship(the preparation)—have a memory verse or prayer on the screen for them to say in groups (Katharine has an idea for a prayer)
story=Hearing the word
Singing=corporate worship
Group time=reflect and respond / applying / thinking and understanding

The table below tries to lay this all out but it won’t be exact and there will be overlaps that aren’t shown by the way I’ve done it but hopefully this will help us be clear on what we are trying to achieve


SJ Club item

Aim / action

Hearing Welcome/the preparation Small groups Welcome each child by name—make a fuss of them. Getting ready for worshipBible verse and prayer on screen
Birthdays Make a fuss of the children, make them welcome
Hearing the word of God Story Taking part/engaging in the story
Thinking Worship Singing God’s praises and worshiping him together, Singing and praise shouts
Reflect Small groups Responsive activity from list of ideas: drawing/lego/clay/computers/music/modeling/games
Doing Respond Small groups Head—Heart—Hands questions

So an age group session could be a choice of two open ended activities such as those from the ‘Exploring the Bible with Children’ training session in September with a time to chat at the end.

We can always fall back on other activities:
Box of fall back activities for groups: paper / pens / clay / lego / Snapshots /
Or a set of activities that are available each week to choose as a response

Other ideas
Bible penalty shoot out quiz etc: Answer questions for a point, then you get to take a penalty for another point
How can we use football a bit more?

Can we use computers more?
Make a keynote of your response to God
Mini animation?

Managing the group times
We talked about trying to tighten up the transition from all together to groups:
Each group is told what to expect before they go upstairs. Tim to stop them before they go. Made to follow your leader. Holding a banner?—who gets to hold the banner/other item to represent your group.
Collect a piece of the bible verse on the way up?
Rule to walk upstairs with a consequence.
Remind them about how to behave—here to worship God, meet with him and each other

Think about specific children who need welcoming
Teachers are given freedom to call during the week, speak to parents etc
Send ‘We’ve missed you’ cards

The Handover
We discussed the process of handing children back into the care of their parents:
Year 3-6 can go into the garden to play but not leave the garden
How do we monitor that they do go to the garden?
Children must not go to get a ball over the wall without an adult
Goal to be placed near the shed so that the ball doesn’t roll off down Cottenham road when it goes over
Could we put on the Consent forms ‘Once the service has ended I understand that I am responsible for my child’ I anticipate that I am responsible for my child 5 mins after the service has ended’

Notice at end of service to collect your children and find them before your coffee.

Parents to be encouraged to say thank you to the leaders

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