SJ Club Newsletter May 2016


As the temperature hots up here, it’s going to be getting even hotter for the 12 disciples at Pentecost and for 4 friends who are at the centre of our upcoming series, ‘Heroes of the faith’.

We’ll be celebrating Ascension in it’s usual place followed by Pentecost when we also have a Pentecost Family Party in the afternoon (more of that later). After that we dive into our series on Heroes which will take us right up to the end of term as we spend 5 sessions with Daniel and 2 with Esther. Please pray for us as we will be writing lots of the Daniel material ourselves.

Aside from the Pentecost Family Party, our next Special will be on June 12 and we will end the year on July 24 with an Awards Ceremony to celebrate each of the children.

SJ Club groups

For those of you new, and for clarification for all, there are 5 groups within SJ Club: Seedlings Crèche for 0-3‘s, Acorns for 3-5‘s, JIGSAW for 6-7‘s, K4J for 7-9‘s and Strawberry Juice for 9-11‘s. Children can leave Seedlings to join Acorns from the term after their 3rd birthday if potty trained and parents and leaders all agree. This, we hope will allow us flexibility to move the older children in Acorns up to JIGSAW before they move to Year 1 e.g. from Easter in their Reception year.

The Acorns team begin their session upstairs before joining the other groups downstairs for the story.

The oldest 3 groups meet altogether for a time of praise & worship, hearing the Bible, friendship building and meeting together with God. We then split into our age groups for activities such as games, craft, discussion, quizzes & more that help us to respond to what we have heard.

Parent helper Rotas

We ask every parent, where possible, to help out in a group once each half term. This role is to support the group leader as they ask and gives you a great chance to see what your child is doing. If you end up on a rota but feel this is too much, please let me know. Equally, if you are not on a rota and can be, please tell me as we are often short.

Back in the Winter, Deborah Evans took on the leadership of Seedlings creche, supported by Nic Nevin, Zoë Shuler and others.

I am always on the look out for people to join the teams and lead groups as well. So if you are passionate about helping children meet with God please talk to me.


The year 6 Strawberry Juice children will be moving up to Edge after half term, beginning on Sunday 12 June. They are also invited to begin Edge Fridays on May 27 when I will also be at Edge to help with the transition.

Holiday Club

We’ve got a bit behind with our team recruitment for Holiday Club so we have extended the deadline for applications to May 10 when the Core team will meet to make sure that it is viable to run it this year. The theme is ‘Factory Rock’ and we will be exploring some of the Parables of Jesus as we share with the children what an amazing Kingdom they can belong to if they follow Jesus ways. This is the biggest opportunity we have  to share Jesus with children in our community so please do pray and think (quickly now!) about joining the team. Talk to Tim or Eileen for more an visit the website at or get to it from

Pentecost Party May 14

Following a very successful Party last  year, we are doing something similar on May 14 from 3-5pm: All families are invited to come to this wonderful laid back time. There will be opportunities to create, play, chat, chill, praise God and eat together, or just sit and drink coffee! Whatever, you choose, there will be plenty for children to do.

So come along and help us create a giant flame mural, make your own candle, run as fast as you can, eat delicious food and lot’s more! Do invite friends along too and if you would like to help with the preparation of activities we would be delighted!

Talk to Tim (07905321901, , Rob, Rachel, Rebecca, Chris or any of the SJ Club team to find out more


There is the possibility of running a short course to prepare children for baptism during the summer term. We need to act fast on this to make it happen before the end of July, otherwise it will have to move back to January. If you have any children interested, do get in touch ASAP.


Many of you will already know that I am taking a sabbatical this summer from August through to the end of October. I’ve been here 11 years now so its time to step back, refresh, reflect and hopefully grow and learn a bit too. I’ll probably set up a blog so you’ll be able to keep up with some of what I am doing if you want! The SJ Club team have started to prepare for this and I am totally confident that they will not miss me! However, it would be really helpful if some of you could offer to help out a little more. I’ll be in touch with some more specifics soon as well but one of those will be helping out with Summer SJ Club.

St Andrew’s Kids website This is now being updated most weeks so please keep checking it for information on all things children and families.

Talk to God about

  • Your friends; that you will invite them to SJ Club and they will come to know Jesus too.
  • Your teachers at school and on Sunday at Church and especially with Tim being away from Aug-Oct
  • For Tim’s sabbatical to be really helpful and refreshing
  • Pray this over each other: ‘The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord turn his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, the lift up his favour upon you and give you his peace, Amen. (Numbers 6. 24-26)
  • Sing a song to each other e.g. The Irish Blessing:

May the Road Rise to meet you

May the wind be ever at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

And rains fall soft upon your fields

And until we meet again

May God hold you, may God hold you, ever in the palm of his hands, ever in the palm of his hands

  • Ask each other ‘when have you felt close to God today’ or ‘far from God’ then thank him and ask him for help

Thanks for reading!


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