SJ Club Giving Project

Dear SJ Club families,

You have probably picked up that we have started a new giving project. Sorry if you have not heard about this properly yet. We have three jars in SJ Club, each representing a group that we are supporting. They are Kicukuro Nursery School (the school attached to the church we are linked with). Eugenie, one of the Sunday School leaders, sent me this e-mail about their needs:

Dear Tim,
Greetings from Kicukiro Parish. Happy New Year again.  We hope you are all doing fine at Histon.
We are really honored to always be thought of by the Histon Parish.
It is really nice to hear that you will be having Rwandan food, songs and games. This depicts the Love you have for us.
Yes, Tim. It is true that our Nursery school is in need of a number of materials. Fill in books for reading and writing skills, Posters and photos for walls,  Board games for learning motor skills, maths and language are needed.  For motor skills and sports we are looking into how we can afford to buy a balancoire if our budget allows; maybe next year. Pray for us so that we get means to buy these.
It is really a blessing to us to have always people thinking about us.

Tim, though we have had a busy start of the year, we hope to be sharing with you our Sunday school news too from soon.
Forward our greetings to the Children and to the whole team.



The second group we chose was ‘Christ for All’ in Andrah Pradesh, India, who Nic Nevin is involved with. Christ For All In Andhra Pradesh was started with the aim of helping poor communities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The vision of the ministry is to show the love of God to all people. CFA exists to:

• Show God’s love through word & deed
• Transform lives
• Work among people regardless of religion or caste
You can read all about it here or ask Nic
The third group is Operation Orphan who Hannah Scott introduced us too. This does what it says on the tin – provides for Orphaned children around our world:
We are encouraging the children to bring some of their pocket money in to SJ Club which I realise may pose an issue for some. However, I personally think that it is really good for children to learn the concept of giving early on and interestingly, both our boys have been very generous from the outset when we have given them the choice of where to put their coins. We have two boxes or wallets for them each and they simply chose where to put their coins and then it’s down to us to remember to bring them on Sunday! Do talk to me more if you would like.