SJ Club Autumn term newsletter

SJ Club News September 2017

Welcome to a new term with Super Jesus Club, our ministry with children on Sunday mornings. We have another fantastic programme ahead of us. We are starting with two miracles of Jesus and then his parable of the farmer before spending all of October deep in the story of Moses and the Israelites travelling through the desert.  Before we enter into the Christmas story we’ll have two more parables from Matthew’s gospel. We are making further tweaks to the way we run our mornings together. The main one being that the creative zone, in particular, will be even more open ended. We are re-ordering the upper room to enable all our craft and art materials to be more easily accessible and will be encouraging the children to choose their own way to respond. We will continue with the Story Zone and Active Zones downstairs, both of which will vary from week to week in what they offer.

Every week we will begin in our age groups and the default pattern will be 25 minutes in those before 25 minutes in Zones before coming together at the end to celebrate and praise God together. Sometimes we will change this up to have a bigger time altogether before Zones or even to spend extended time in groups according to what the material suits best.

We have the usual pattern of All Ages services on the first Sunday of each month until December when we will ‘Meet the Nativity’ on December 10. October’s All Age Service will be held at the Saint Andrew’s Centre and will reflect the style of SJ Club with different Zones to choose from. We’ll end on Christmas Eve with a party!

Our rotas are being moved to our new whole church management software, ‘Church Suite’. Jo will give an overview of this at the church meeting and then we will be sending invites to join this next week. (The rota is sorted for Sunday 10 September)

We will also be giving you new consent forms for your children which we will then use to create your child’s entry on Church Suite. You will be able to edit their information on there and adjust settings for photographs and medical needs etc. Please be assured that this data is just as secure and confidential as before and we will treat the permission forms as permission to add this detail to this new database, rather than our previous system. There are some oddities with this system such as only one parent being labelled as a child’s ‘parent’. However, both parents living at the same address can see their children even though only one of you has the official ‘Parent’ role on Church Suite. You can both edit their details.  Church Suite will enable you to see lots more of what is going across the church and enable us to communicate better.

Finally, I am very excited to be able to announce a new group. Trail Riders is a new small and quiet group for children. It is aimed at those who find SJ Club a bit loud or busy or children who want another chance to connect with God and deepen their faith. We will follow the story from SJ Club on the Sunday before and explore it further in creative and reflective ways. The age range is roughly 8-12 year olds. We want this group to have 6-8 children in it for it to work best so if you are interested, please talk to me for further details. It will take place on Wednesdays from 4.45-6pm in the Upper Room at Saint Andrew’s Centre.

I’m sure that’s quite enough to take in for now! We look forward to sharing faith and connecting to God together over the coming term.


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