An all new Light Party?

Just three of us met last week to talk about the Light Party (held on Halloween by Council of Churches Holiday Club team) but despite this we have a new vision for what it might be and we are super excited! Clearly we need more than three people to make any Light Party happen so please would take a few minutes to read this and then think about whether you would like to get involved.

Light Party 2015 : Saturday 31 Oct 4-5.30pm

Matthew 5.14-16, Psalm 34.5


to bring parents and children together in a natural way,  encouraging whole families to come along to do stuff together: play games, make stuff, eat together and for us to share something of the love of God. To grow friendships and relationships within families and across the community.

This will be achieved by;

  • bringing the time forward to 4-6pm (it’s a Saturday this year)
  • opening the café space (or even full opening) where parents can enjoy a drink, papers, chat. The screens could have the Bible verses and something of the theme we are covering in a gentle manner and the clergy and other adults could be there too
  • allowing people(particularly adults) the choice to dip in to what is going on
  • Begin with an upbeat praise party as children arrive, using a full band and the lights etc to create a party atmosphere
  • a number of activities for all to join in with – families doing stuff together: preparing the feast, craft, games
  • the upper room could be either a prayer space or quieter space for the youngest children if needed
  • a time of sharing the bible story in multi media ways
  • a ‘banquet’ at the end
  • Upbeat songs with a live band and using the lights etc – party atmosphere
  • Coffee and refreshments in the café? Can the café space be used?
  • Crafts in Hall 2
  • Prayer space in the Upstairs Room
  • Preparing food at the start and then eating it later
  • Narnia?
  • A spiritual lift (Ben’s words)
  • Psalm 34.5 + Shine like stars Phillipians?
  • Revelation 2 (as at HC 2014)?
  • Rachel’s story parable with Matthew 5.14-16 – play with this image lots
  • Songs: I am a city on a hill (Nick & Becky Drake / My Lighthouse (Rend Collective)
  • Passing on light to one more person – Domino effect
  • Fish finger sandwiches! (White inside!)
  • Cupcakes with white icing and a candle – make two each to pass on on
  • Banquet at end at tables where we can pass the candle light on



4-6 – to help younger children / families come along and for feast at the end

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  1. I think it sounds rather wonderful and I would love to help. What do you want me to do? Happy to help on the night and before hand too. (Not just saying all this as I am married to Tim……I really do think it sounds great,)

  2. Thanks to those who have worked on this. Much appreciated. Still not sure if we are around for this or not.

    I’d love some outdoor and indoor fairy lights strung up for this. Not sure if that was on the list.

  3. Hi Tim, sounds good with lots of ideas to play with. When I get back from my travels late next week, I’m certianly up for getting involved.

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